Map Guide

Navigate the outage map with ease and learn more about features available to you.

When your power's out, we want you to report your outage with ease and know when you can expect your power to be restored. To create the best experience possible, we've updated features on the outage map. Learn how to utilize the outage map features by checking out our guide below. Or report an outage now here.

 Take a look at your outage map and features...

KCP&L's outage map features make it simpler for you to navigate, view outages, see updates (like estimated restoration times) and save important information.

In some storm or outage situations, you'll be able to access the red information banner at the bottom of your mobile or desktop screen by clicking on it for more information and consistent updates.

Tools Section

The Tools section allows you to Report an Outage or view our Map Guide for helpful tips or questions.

You'll also see a Map Views section that lets you view the map by outage location, city, county or zip code. You can use the "Turn on Layers" feature which shows colored zones (if available) that relay deeper information. This feature also allows you to view any icons on the map. For more on icons, read on below.

If you want to view a specific address, you can click the "Search" tab in the top, middle of your mobile screen (or the top, left of your desktop) to enter an address or location.

Your address will offer a drop down of suggestions to choose from as you type. Once you've selected your address, a flag will mark it on the map.

You can also access addresses via Bookmarks. Read more below. 

If there's an outage indicator in your area, you now have the ability to click on it to see how many customers are affected, estimated restoration time (ERT), when the outage was first reported and the status of the crew working on an outage. 

ERT is a new feature that lets you see just how long it will be until your outage is restored. ERTs may not be available in a major outage situation when restoration times aren't predictable

After you've selected your location, you have the option to bookmark your address by clicking on the flag marker.

Once you select the flag, a window will appear asking if you'd like to nickname your address. At the bottom of your screen, two buttons will show allowing you to Save Bookmark or Clear Map Marker if you change your mind.

The Map Legend is located along the top of the map if you're on a desktop or can be found by clicking the "i" information icon on mobile.

Each shape within the circle and color represent a different number of outages. If the "Multiple" outage icon appears on the map, often zooming in will allow a more in-depth breakdown of outages.

You have the ability to view a weather radar on the map to see if severe weather is in your area currently.

Drop down the Weather menu in Tools and uncheck Radar if you'd like the weather radar to disappear off the map.

Icons may show on the map for things like a hazard, dry ice truck, warming centers or relevant photos. To view more information related to the icon, simply click it. 

Icons aren't always placed on the map, but if you're not sure you're able to see icons, make sure Turn on Layers is checked under Map Views in Tools.

If you have more questions relating to the outage map, estimated restoration times, our power restoration process or other common questions, check out Outage Map FAQs or contact us at 888-471-5275. You can view the outage map here