Billing Options

We offer several billing options to fit your home or business.

Billing Options

Online Bill Payment

Paperless Billing

  • Receive email notices and reminders.
  • Pay your bill online.
  • Review up to two years of PDF statements.
  • Compare current and past bills.
  • Sign up through your online account.
Text Messaging

Text Messaging

  • Receive notifications when your bill is ready and we process a payment.
  • Schedule reminders 1-14 days before your bill is due. 
  • Make a payment from a designated bank account.
  • Learn more about text messaging.
Budget Billing

Budget Billing

  • Keep your bill consistent.
  • Budget your monthly payments.
  • Even out seasonal billing highs and lows.
  • Learn more about budget billing.
payment options

Special Billing Options

  • Schedule payment dates to coordinate with Social Security and SSI.
  • Manage power outages for medical customers with life-support equipment.
  • Designate a relative, friend or agency to assist with your bill payments.
  • Submit an energy gift for a person in need of financial assistance.
  • Learn more about special billing options.